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About This Product

This special 100% cotton watercolor paper from Hahnemühle is inspired by the intense, fluid landscapes of English Romantic painter J.M.W. Turner. Turner's watercolors are known for their dramatic use of color and their loose, evocative style, which takes full advantage of the free-flowing nature of watercolor paint.

Turner Watercolor Paper encourages today's painters to work freely, with lots of water and bright pigments. Made in a traditional cylinder mold and featuring a subtly textured cold press surface, Turner paper is perfect for big washes. It's internally sized but not surface sized, so it is more absorbent than double-sized watercolor options. That helps with water control when you've got the big brushes out. It's also easy to add layer after layer of color—this soft, strong paper can handle it.

This block is glue-bound and reinforced with bookcloth along all four edges. Simply insert a palette knife (or another smooth, flat object) in the unbound corner and gently cut through the binding to remove a sheet. For the flattest finished piece, we recommend painting with the sheet attached and allowing it to dry completely before cutting it off.

Natural white color. 10 sheets per block. Acid-free, age resistant, and made from 100% cotton rag.

Made in Germany.