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Mitsubishi Pencil Co.

Polycolor Colored Pencils, #09 Ultramarine


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About This Product

We're the first U.S. retailer to stock Mitsubishi Polycolor oil-based colored pencils. Polycolor is a vibrant and affordable option for colored pencil artists that outperforms similarly priced pencils from better-known brands.

Mitsubishi Pencil has been the world leader in quality graphite pencils since the 1960s, and they've put that expertise to work in these bright, soft colored pencils. Like all Mitsubishi pencils, they sharpen beautifully and offer a lovely, smooth feel on paper. The thoughtfully selected range of colors will appeal to landscape and urban sketchers, with a great balance between brights and neutrals.

Like other oil-based pencils, there are two ways to blend these colors. First, and most popularly, they can simply be layered in overlapping gradients, so that the viewer's eye averages the colors. This is called optical blending, or dry blending. Second, for those who want a more advanced effect, Polycolor pencils are soluble in oil painting thinners like Gamsol. Lay down the colors you want to blend and carefully apply solvent with a stiff brush for a more painterly look. (There are examples of both blending styles in our product photos.)

Finally, we absolutely love the refined, retro style of Polycolor pencils, which have sharp midcentury typography on the barrels and an eye-catching band of blocky colors on the outside of each metal tin.

Like virtually all Mitsubishi products, Polycolor pencils are made in Japan, not outsourced to a lower-cost facility elsewhere. The quality difference between these pencils and others at the same price is unmistakable.

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    Mitsubishi Pencil Co.