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Custom Color Sets: Albrecht Durer Watercolor Markers

St. Louis Art Supply

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Introducing Custom Color Sets from the color experts at St. Louis Art Supply! Tell us a little about your artistic interests by checking some of the boxes above. We'll hand-pick a set of colors to get you excited about a new medium or refresh your existing collection with some colors you might not have considered before.

You can choose a set with three, six, nine, or twelve colors—so you can dip your toe into the water, or jump right in and let us build you a whole custom palette.

This Custom Color Set features Faber-Castell's innovative Durer watercolor markers. They're filled with real liquid watercolor, easily blendable with water and excellent for color mixing. One end has a soft, flexible brush tip for painterly strokes, and the other end has a versatile round bullet tip. The colors are lightfast, unlike many water-soluble ink markers. And Durer markers are compatible with other watercolors, so try them with your watercolor pans, tubes, or pencils!

The pictured example set shows what you might get if you chose a three-color set with "Cool Colors" selected. Your specific colors will depend on your unique combination of interests and will be chosen just for you by one of us.