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Safari Fountain Pen, Transparent


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The Lamy Safari is one of the world's most popular fountain pens, with an iconic design and undeniable functionality. Lamy steel nibs are smooth and consistent, making this pen a practical choice for school or business use. The triangular grip puts your hand in the optimal position for writing, and the spring-loaded clip holds Safari securely to a notebook or your pocket.

This is the transparent demonstrator version of the Safari, also known as Lamy Vista. It's easy to see how much ink is in your converter with this model, and being able to see the inner workings is also just cool.

Safari measures 5.5" capped and 6.6" with the cap posted on the back. Made in Germany. Available in four interchangeable nib sizes: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, and Broad. One blue Lamy ink cartridge is included. See all the colors of Lamy ink cartridges, or add a Lamy Z28 converter for use with bottled ink.