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Perkeo Calligraphy Set


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About This Product

You don't need to know anything about calligraphy to love this three-nib fountain pen set from Kaweco. The classic Kaweco Perkeo fountain pen body has been combined with three different calligraphic stub nibs, all with easy-to-use rounded edges and excellent ink flow. Start writing with any of the nibs, and you'll immediately see that your ordinary handwriting has some extra flair. Keep going, and you'll be able to control which lines are thicker and which are thinner—a skill that's invaluable in both calligraphy and drawing.

Three black ink cartridges are included, along with three screw-on nib sections, one pen body, and one cap. Choose your line width (1.1 mm, 1.5 mm, and 1.9 mm nibs are included), pop an ink cartridge into the section, and screw the section into the pen body. That's it! You can start journaling, sketching, or writing letters right away.

The three sections are different colors to help you tell them apart at a glance. As with all Kaweco pens, the Perkeo Calligraphy Set is made in Germany.

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