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Skyline Sport Calligraphy Pen, Macchiato


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About This Product

Kaweco's Skyline Sport series is a modern update to a century-old design, manufactured in Germany since 1911. It's easy to see why the Sport series has endured—it's the perfect fountain pen for people on the move. With the cap posted on the back for writing, the Sport is balanced and long enough (5.2") to hold comfortably. With the cap screwed securely onto the body, it's a perfect size for your pocket (4.1") and it won't leak onto your clothes.

We're pleased to offer select Kaweco Sport fountain pens with calligraphy nibs pre-installed—in your choice of five nib shapes. Normally, Kaweco calligraphy nibs are only sold in sets or as self-installed upgrade units, but we wanted to make the full range available a la carte. So when you purchase this item, our pen experts will assemble, adjust, and test your preferred nib.

Five versatile options are available for the calligraphy nib, all in chrome steel: 1.1 mm Stub, 1.5 mm Stub, 1.9 mm Stub, 2.3 mm Stub, and Bock Twin Nib. You can see some of the mark-making and lettering possibilities in our example photos. The broad, flat Stub Nibs are classic calligraphy tools, easy for beginners and fun for experts. The specialty Bock Twin Nib actually has two separate nib slits and stub-shaped tips, so it can make fancy double-line lettering or serve as a clever drawing tool for complex textures and shading.

This listing is for the Skyline Sport Calligraphy Fountain Pen in Macchiato. It comes packaged in a black paper box, with an instruction pamphlet and a Kaweco sticker. One blue ink cartridge is included inside the body of the pen. All other accessories, including clips and converters, are sold separately.


When you choose St. Louis Art Supply for any fountain pen over $25, one of our expert technicians hand-checks and adjusts the nib, using high-powered magnification to ensure that the tines are perfectly aligned and there are no manufacturing defects. If necessary, we also use a superfine abrasive to remove any stray metal that can impact the smoothness of your nib. Finally, we clean the pen with our house pen cleaner and make sure that no fibers are stuck in the nib.

This intensive quality-control process offers you peace of mind that other retailers can't match. If you've ever bought a fountain pen from Amazon, you may have noticed that some reviews say it is smooth and others say it is scratchy. The reason is that they do not look at the pen before shipping it out. As a specialized shop with highly trained staff, we go the extra mile to provide a polished experience for every customer.

Look for our green "Tested OK" stamp on your packing slip. It's our way of letting you know that a real person checked your new pen and made sure it's perfect.

Kaweco - Germany, Since 1883

Kaweco has been making pens for more than a century, and they've had clever designers since the beginning. The original Kaweco Sport was one of the very first pocket pens in the world, and its distinctive octagonal design is known to pen lovers everywhere.

We've made Kaweco one of our essential pen brands because they offer both inexpensive, reliable pens for everyday use and luxurious, handmade pens for collectors and enthusiasts. From less than $20 to more than $200, Kaweco has an outstanding pen at every price point. And they're all made in Bavaria, Kaweco's ancestral home.

Shop our extensive collection of Kaweco pens and pencils, including the latest limited releases and hard-to-find premium models.

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