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Holbein Artists' Watercolors


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We've tried pretty much every brand of artist-grade watercolor out there, and Holbein is our absolute favorite. The color selection is beautiful, with great options for both bright colors and natural shades of green and brown. Every color dilutes smoothly to create a wide range of saturations, from ultra dark to subtle and light. Holbein watercolors are satisfyingly transparent, without the chalkiness and opacity of cheaper paints. They're also excellent for mixing, making it easy for you to produce any color you want without muddiness. Made in Japan.

We stock the 5 mL and 15 mL tubes in all 108 colors. Each color is individually evaluated by the color scientists at Holbein, and you can find specific information about their permanence and other properties on the color chart. The letter and star codes used on the chart are listed below:

Permanence rating

  • Three stars: Absolutely permanent (resists fading under light for essentially indefinite periods; suitable for long-term display in a gallery or museum)
  • Two stars: Permanent (permanent for ordinary artist use)
  • One star: Moderately durable (likely to fade perceptibly over months or years)

Other properties

  • T: Transparent
  • N: Non-staining
  • E: Easy lift
  • H: Hard lift
  • X: Granulating
  • B: Semi-transparent
  • K: Semi-staining
  • O: Opaque
  • S: Staining
  • I: Intense
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