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Heavy Body Artist Acrylic


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Summer 2020 Special: Buy five tubes and get a free tube of Titanium White! No promo code needed; we'll add your bonus tube automatically when we pack your order.

We recently had a chance to try Holbein Heavy Body Artist Acrylic, and we knew immediately that we had to add these colors to our lineup. Here they are: all 113 colors of buttery smooth, maximally pigmented acrylic from our favorite color manufacturer in the world. In our tests, Holbein acrylic gave us sharper strokes and deeper color than other artist-grade acrylics. Despite its velvety texture, it also retained our brushstrokes more than the competition, making the final product look like high-quality oil paint.

But the best part of Holbein's line of acrylics? The color selection. Other color makers offer too many redundant shades and few truly exciting ones. Holbein's 113 colors include rich, practical earth tones, intense modern pigments, shiny metallics and pearl colors, and ultra-vibrant fluorescent colors. Looking through the color chart, it's easy to start daydreaming about what you'd do with a particular green.

Made in Japan to the most stringent quality standards. Sold in 60 mL tubes.

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