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Vintage Watercolor Brush, Petit Gris Pur, Quill Mop

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About This Product

With most high-end brushes, the handle is an afterthought. The Isabey Vintage line of fine watercolor brushes combines a hand-shaped, premium brush with a gorgeous tapered wood handle, an elongated brass ferrule, and a loop attached to the back for hanging your brush to dry.

In our studio tests, we really appreciated the unique shape and above-average weight of Isabey Vintage brushes. Even the smaller sizes come with substantial handles, which makes it feel that the brush is resting safely in your hand—thus allowing you to loosen your grip and improve your brush control.

This is the Isabey Vintage Series 6234𝑖, featuring Petit Gris Pur tips, made with natural grey squirrel hair. The natural wavy texture of squirrel has always made it a premier choice for watercolorists, because it offers unsurpassed water capacity and softness.

Vintage 6234𝑖 is hand-shaped in a classic quill, featuring a special wire-bound ferrule that accommodates much longer and thicker brush tips than the standard metal ferrule used with other shapes. The hair extends far beyond the exposed tip, into the large, porous section inside the ferrule, for maximum absorbency and color capacity.

The quill shape is also special because it offers an incredible, calligraphic range of line weights and styles within one brush. With a smaller quill, you can paint an entire piece, from backgrounds to sharp details, without putting down your brush. The extremely high-quality grey squirrel used in Isabey Vintage quills holds an excellent point for such a soft brush. That makes these premium quills very versatile in the studio.

Sold individually. Available in Isabey sizes Quill 0000 through Quill 12. Please note that these brush sizes may not correspond with other brands. We provide a photo with every size in accurate scale, so you can choose the one you need.

Note: Please do not remove or unwind the metal wire around your quill! The wire binding and the casing underneath it are a permanent and necessary part of the brush.

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