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With most high-end brushes, the handle is an afterthought. The Isabey Vintage line of fine watercolor brushes combines a hand-shaped, premium brush with a gorgeous tapered wood handle, an elongated brass ferrule, and a loop attached to the back for hanging your brush to dry.

In our studio tests, we really appreciated the unique shape and above-average weight of Isabey Vintage brushes. Even the smaller sizes come with substantial handles, which makes it feel that the brush is resting safely in your hand—thus allowing you to loosen your grip and improve your brush control.

This is the Isabey Vintage Series 6230𝑖, featuring Isaqua Synthetic Sable fibers, handmade in an elegant fan shape. Capable of producing soft textures and subtle dry-brush effects, Isabey Vintage fans are a lovely example of a classic form. The Isaqua fiber is a professional-grade synthetic sable, with great responsiveness and shape retention, plus that all-important "snap" we expect from good sable and synthetic sable brushes.

Sold individually. Available in Isabey sizes Fan 0 and Fan 2. Please note that these brush sizes may not correspond with other brands. We provide a photo with every size in accurate scale, so you can choose the one you need.

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