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J. Herbin

J. Herbin Fountain Pen Ink, Eclat de Saphir, 30 mL


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About This Product

J. Herbin is the world's oldest brand of pen inks, tracing its roots to the 17th century sailor Jacques Herbin. The original Herbin brought ink and sealing wax recipes from India to Paris, and his descendants built a manufacturing company renowned throughout France. The original "Perle des Encres," or "Jewel of Inks," was introduced in 1700, and Herbin inks have been popular with writers ever since.

Today, J. Herbin's signature line of inks is optimized for use in fountain pens, with a low-viscosity, highly saturated formula that produces brilliant color and a reliable line. The water-based formula uses all natural dyes and has a neutral pH. Use it with confidence in any fountain pen, or with your favorite dip pen or brush.

Available in 30 mL inkwells, 10 mL glass vials, and international short cartridges in a wide variety of colors. Open the color options tab to see our current range of J. Herbin inks.

Made in France.

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    J. Herbin