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Color Liner Kit, Brush Tip


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About This Product

This flexible brush marker from Kakimori can be filled with any color of fountain pen ink, so you can create your own palette of brushes for drawing and lettering. The fine, firm tip lets you transition from hairlines to broad strokes with a subtle change in pressure.

To fill the Color Liner Kit, pop off the back cap, then remove the empty ink sponge inside and dip it into a bottle of fountain pen friendly ink. We recommend Kakimori Pigment Ink, but you can also fill these liners with liquid fountain pen inks from any brand. Let the ink absorb until it climbs 3/4 of the sponge. Then insert the sponge in the pen, firmly close the back cap, and wait for the ink to run into the felt tip.

With Kakimori Pigment Ink, you can even mix ink colors together before filling your pen, so you can make any pen color your imagination suggests.

Please note that Kakimori Color Liner Kits are not refillable, due to the back cap permanently clicking into place after filling.

Made in Japan.

About Kakimori:

Kakimori began as a stationery shop in east Tokyo, and they've quickly become one of the most creative and thoughtful product design firms in our industry. Drawing on a tight-knit network of Japanese artisans and manufacturers, Kakimori offers playful and poetic supplies that bring traditional media into the contemporary world.

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