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Enpitsu Sharp Mechanical Pencil, Type MX (Metal Grip)

About This Product

The top-of-the-line Type MX mechanical pencil from Kokuyo improves on the existing Enpitsu Sharp lineup with additional features and build quality improvements. Only available in bold lead sizes (0.7 mm, 0.9 mm, and 1.3 mm) and styled for serious, professional use, Enpitsu Sharp Type MX is a mechanical pencil for overachievers.

Two unique features define the Type MX: the extra-large retractable eraser hidden at the back end, and the sleek, subtly textured metal grip. The grip is finished in smooth matte black, with a multifaceted shape that's comfortable and easy to control.

The click-to-advance mechanism feels solid and well-constructed, and the Type MX features an angular metal clip that's equally sturdy. Chrome and translucent details round out the impressive list of design elements in a very affordable pencil.

Sold individually. Eraser refills available in a three-pack. Made in Japan.

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