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MD Notebook, A6


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Midori's MD Notebook is a beautiful, functional example of minimalist design. Made in Japan using traditional thread-stitched bookbinding methods, the MD Notebook is durable and capable of lying completely flat. The MD Paper inside works well with all kinds of pens (including fountain pens) and pencils.

The iconic MD Notebook design does not come with a cover, inviting you to appreciate the color and texture of MD Paper. The cheesecloth mesh tape binding is attached to the spine, in plain sight. This stripped-down binding makes the notebook supple and easy to open.

Midori has given a dash of color and fun to your minimalist MD Notebook. Each type of notebook has a different color bookmark ribbon: red for blank, blue for ruled lines, black for grid, white for cotton, and orange for diary. The colored string, peeking out from the white cheesecloth binding, adds a modest accent.

The MD Notebook is wrapped in a sheet of wax paper. You can use your notebook with the wax paper, remove it to reveal the pristine form of the notebook beneath, or replace it with one of Midori's reusable covers. Once you're finished with your notebook, you can wrap it in the wax paper again for storage. MD Notebooks come with a sheet of index labels, so you can note the contents before adding a full notebook to your shelf.

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