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Aerocolor Acrylic Inks, CMYK Mixing Set

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About This Product

Schmincke Aerocolor is an intense, highly versatile artist's acrylic—with a consistency only a bit thicker than plain water. You can use Aerocolor with all the same surfaces, brushes, and mediums as your other acrylics, but you'll be able to achieve new effects and smooth, flat finishes that would otherwise be very difficult.

The Aerocolor range (and this set) includes both opaque and transparent colors, so you have control of both the hue and the opacity of each mark. Both types of color are professional-grade, with opaque colors that offer complete coverage and transparent colors that glow and refract light like a pane of stained glass.

Aerocolor dries quickly and creates a permanent, highly durable surface. You can cover the previous layer with the next one without worrying about muddiness and unintended blending.

Use Aerocolor with watercolor and ink brushes, dip pens, empty brush pens, and airbrushes. Because it's permanent when dry, ensure that you clean your tools before the paint hardens.

This CMYK mixing set can make virtually any mixed color. The modern CMYK mixing system is perfectly expressed here, with ultra-intense magenta, yellow, and cyan that make mixing exciting. In addition to the CMY primaries, SUPRA White and Black are included so that you can create opaque tints and shades.

Five 28 mL glass dropper bottles. Made in Germany.