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Panoramic Watercolor Blocks

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About This Product

This 100% cotton watercolor paper from Sennelier is made in France, using the traditional technique: each sheet is made individually in a cylinder mold, pressed against natural felt to create the paper's surface. The resulting paper is thick, soft, and strong, with a more subtle texture than machine-made watercolor paper. The surface is not excessively sized, so it is not slick and water-resistant like cheap watercolor paper.

For this new line of Sennelier watercolor blocks, a distinctly European sensibility is evident in each design decision. The edges are glue-bound with green or red colored glue, with green indicating the cold press (lightly textured) surface and red indicating the hot press (smooth) surface. The covers feature engravings, rendered in sepia, of the paper making process. Each cover is adorned with raised green or red seals and text, and there is a die-cut triangular window to show the paper's texture at a glance.

These panoramic blocks are ideal for landscapes and urban sketching, with an extra-long rectangular shape and a stiff backing for working en plain air. A gap in the glue binding at the top of each page allows easy removal of your finished work; simply insert a thin blade or a ruler in the gap and gently cut through the glue under the finished page.

Each block measures 245 x 105 mm (9.7" x 4.3"). 300 gsm / 140# weight. 20 pages per block. Made in France.

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