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This small, round-bottomed porcelain dish is designed for allowing liquids to evaporate in the laboratory. For artists, it's very useful for holding small amounts of ink and watercolor. The completely rounded interior allows even a few drops of ink to collect in the bottom, making it easier to dip your brush. And the glass-smooth surface is lovely for mixing and previewing color before you apply it to your work.

Please note that this dish has no base or rim at the bottom, so it will wobble when tapped on the side or top. We do not recommend pouring anything close to 35 mL of liquid into this dish; it's best used for much smaller amounts that are less likely to spill. Still, it's the rounded bottom that makes this such a neat mini palette, so we like it despite its tendency to move around our desk.

Made from white, glazed porcelain with a pale blue bell logo on one side.

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    St. Louis Art Supply