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Mitsubishi Pencil Co.

KH-20 Desktop Pencil Sharpener


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About This Product

Efficient and durable, with a glossy, modern look, the KH-20 Desktop Pencil Sharpener from Mitsubishi Pencil is a superb choice for anyone who loves to use pencils. The KH-20 is full-sized, like the crank sharpeners we used in grade school, and is intended for long-term use in an office, studio, or classroom.

Unlike those old-school sharpeners, however, the Mitsubishi KH-20 is a fine, precise machine that gives you a long point every time. It automatically stops sharpening when the point is finished, and it automatically centers and angles the pencil properly to avoid breakage. There's a large drawer for shavings, and the sharpening mechanism can easily be removed through the back for cleaning and removing clogs.

Here's how to use the KH-20:
First, pull forward on the front panel until it locks in the extended position. Then pinch the locking clip and insert your pencil all the way through the front panel, into the body of the sharpener. Finally, release the clip and turn the crank. The pencil is automatically pulled into the sharpener, perfectly centered, and you'll hear the sharpener shaving the wood. When the sound gets quieter and the crank is easier to turn, press the clamp again and remove your perfect pencil.

Hey, what's that orange button do?
It's a toggle switch that changes the point shape. Most people will want it toggled out for a sharp point. But for drawing and other special purposes, you can blunt the point by toggling the orange button in.

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