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Lyra's Rembrandt Charcoal Set is a handsome metal box with a very complete 11-piece charcoal drawing assortment inside. It's a slim, easy-to-carry tin, but it contains everything you need: three charcoal pencils (H, HB, and 2B), two carbon pencils (HB, 2B), two compressed charcoal sticks, two high-quality natural charcoal sticks, a sharpener, a kneaded eraser, and a blending stump.

Each piece of this set is well-made and nice to use, unlike many of the charcoal pencils and sticks we've encountered. Lyra's charcoal is consistent, not crumbly, and the pencils move freely across drawing paper. The kneaded eraser is soft and effective, and the sharpener is specifically designed for soft charcoal.

Made in Germany.

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