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Sakura's brand-new Retrico Ballpoint Pen features a sharp midcentury design and an even sharper 0.4 mm needle-point ball tip. Like other ballpoints, it dries quickly and is unlikely to smudge. Retrico writes on a wide range of surfaces, including everything you're likely to find around an office or classroom.

But unlike other ballpoints, Sakura Retrico uses an oil-based ink that starts easily and doesn't skip. Although the line is not as dark and consistent as with liquid-ink pens, Retrico's fine ballpoint ink is always clear and legible.

For those with small handwriting, left-handed people trying to avoid smudges, and anyone whose work involves writing on difficult surfaces (like cheap paper or angled writing surfaces), Retrico may be the ideal pen.

Available in a range of vintage colors, with ABS plastic body and metal hardware. Ribbed grip for comfort and control. Replaceable cartridge for long-term use. Made in South Korea.

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