These special Horadam tubes were produced in 2018 for a limited edition of watercolors made from stone ground, semi-precious gemstones. Earlier this year, a cache of vintage stock from this edition was found in the stock of a defunct retailer, and these rare tubes made their way back to Schmincke. The Schmincke laboratory performed tests to ensure that the colors were still in excellent condition. We purchased the entire supply at a discount, so we are able to offer these colors for a very special price, more than 40% off the original MSRP.
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Schmincke Vault: Horadam Watercolor, Red Opalite (2018)
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BRAND: Schmincke

Red opalite is a semi-precious stone, also called "common opal," a geological relative to opal without the iridescent effect of its precious sibling. This red opalite was mined in Arizona, and it definitely calls to mind the red rock landscape...