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About This Product

Lapis lazuli, a brilliant blue gemstone used in artist paints since the Middle Ages, is one of the rarest and most romantic pigments in the world. This precious stone was once the only way of obtaining ultramarine, which is the source of lapis lazuli's intense blue color.

Lapis lazuli is more transparent and more unpredictable than synthetic ultramarine. The color, value, and opacity of this watercolor all vary widely within a single brushstroke, so every mark is complex and expressive. Lapis is also much glossier than synthetic ultramarine, with a luminous shine to remind you that this color is made from a gemstone.

This Schmincke Horadam lapis lazuli has a warm, purplish tone, and can be very dark when applied thickly. The pigment granulates strongly, in a pattern unique to genuine lapis, creating subtle textures even in the lightest washes. We like mixing it with magenta for granulated waves of blue and purple, and with lemon yellow for intense but earthy yellowish greens.

Please note that the large, dense pigment particles in this type of watercolor tend to separate from the watercolor binder. Schmincke recommends mixing the color before use, by squeezing the paint from end to end in the tube, repeating this process for about 30 seconds. If you still notice separation, don't worry; it's normal. Simply mix the pigment into the medium with a brush or palette knife.

From the Schmincke Vault:
This special Horadam tube was produced in 2018 for a limited edition of watercolors made from stone ground, semi-precious gemstones. Earlier this year, a cache of vintage stock from this edition was found in the stock of a defunct retailer, and these rare tubes made their way back to Schmincke. The Schmincke laboratory performed tests to ensure that the colors were still in excellent condition. We purchased the entire supply at a discount, so we are able to offer these colors for a very special price, 40% off the original MSRP.

5 mL tube. Made in Germany.