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#102 Heavyweight Cotton Drawing

St. Louis Art Supply

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Designed and manufactured at our shop in St. Louis, the #102 Heavyweight Cotton Drawing notebook is a minimalist tribute to paper and pencil. The heart of this notebook is its 25 sheets of thick, soft cotton paper. It's the ideal surface for all dry media (pencils, pastels, colored pencils, charcoal) because it has just the right amount of texture to grab pigment and hold it without smudging. The soft surface allows for more dramatic dark marks that slightly compress the cotton fibers and create subtle shadows. On a less practical note, we think you'll love the satisfying sound your pencil will make on this paper. We're hooked on those little whooshes and scratches.

The binding of our notebooks is inspired by a type of sketchpad that's popular with art students in Japan. These pads, sometimes called croquis books, have wraparound covers bound into the spiral that can be folded back for a mobile drawing surface. Several companies in Japan make their own versions. We love the style and we think we've given them a distinctly American twist. We chose an extra-large spiral with thicker wire, so our notebooks aren't delicate and the pages have plenty of room to move. The oversized, wedge-shaped profile of our notebooks make them more comfortable to hold and carry. And we use much thicker, more opaque paper than is typically found in croquis books.

Our cover stock, made in Michigan, is soft to the touch but heavy enough to wear well. It has a matte finish and can be written on, labeled, and customized. The label is bound into the outside of the spiral; tear it out and the notebook has almost nothing printed on it. The model number is hand-stamped on the back cover so you can reorder when you run out.

The pages are made in the United States and measure 130 x 180 mm (5.1" x 7.1"), with a 250 gsm weight, light texture, natural white color, and a pH neutral, 100% cotton composition.

Please note that these notebooks are made by hand, so minor variations are to be expected. They're a reminder that a real person bound your book with care.