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This simple, two-tone cloth is loosely woven from two gauzy layers of Japanese cotton. It's intended as a handkerchief (or tenugui), which are much more commonly carried in Japan than in the United States. We love tenugui as high-quality, inexpensive cloths for all-purpose use in the studio. There's usually one under our water cup while we work with watercolor, ready to absorb any spills from the cup or excess water from the brush.

This particular tenugui features a clever bit of tech: it's woven with silver ions (Ag+) to resist bacteria, viruses, and fungi. That means it won't start to smell as quickly as a regular cloth, which makes it perfect for studio use (where, if you're anything like us, the cloths don't get washed very often.)

Measures 34 x 34 cm (13.4" x 13.4"). Made in Japan.

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    Miyamoto Co.