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About This Product

This colorless medium from Kuretake is an unpigmented version of liquid sumi ink. With the same gelatin binder as traditional sumi ink, this medium can be added to any liquid or solid sumi ink to add transparency and gloss. Unlike water, colorless medium will not cause your ink to spread out and lose its consistency, so you can make sharp marks with any shade of black. Add a few drops to ink prepared from a solid stick and you'll notice a more predictable, uniform line.

In addition to its function as an ink medium, this colorless sumi ink base works as a sizing liquid for absorbent paper. Apply a coat of Kuretake Colorless Medium to your paper and allow it to dry completely. You'll notice that the surface is slicker, glossier, and less absorbent. Brush marks come out cleaner and ink moves more easily across the pre-treated page.

180 mL squeeze bottle. Made in Japan.