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mt Washi Tape, Ruler (Slim Black)


Trusted by artists since 2015.

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About This Product

mt is the original washi tape, created in 2006 by Kamoi Kakoshi Co. after they noticed that their industrial masking tape was being used for arts and crafts. The tape was originally designed to protect delicate parts during industrial painting, so it has the special quality of being gentle and strong at the same time. As it turns out, that makes it perfect for use on art paper and notebooks. Kamoi consulted with three artists who were using the tape and began to develop colors and patterns for everyone to use.

The global washi tape craze soon followed, with many other manufacturers introducing their own versions, but mt is still the best. Other brands are too tacky, causing damage to paper, or not tacky enough, so that wrapped gifts come open and photos fall off the wall. mt has the perfect balance, staying where you put it until you cleanly remove it.

This slim roll is printed like a vintage centimeter ruler. It measures 10 mm wide by 7 meters long.

Try using it with some other colors and patterns of mt washi tape!

Made in Japan.

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