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Montval Watercolor Blocks

About This Product

Canson Montval is one of the best-known watercolor paper options in the world. It's a strong, versatile 140# paper, made in France in a natural white color and an attractive cold press finish. It's suitable for all watercolor techniques, including lifting, scrubbing, and repeated washes. Montval boasts excellent erasability compared with softer watercolor paper, and it is completely acid-free and archival.

These blocks of Montval paper are bound on all four sides with removable glue so that each sheet stays completely flat while you paint. Wait for your work to dry completely on the block, then insert a thin knife or ruler between sheets to peel it off. You'll end up with a flat, perfectly rectangular finished piece.

Please note that the postcard-size block is not printed with postcard lines, but you can still put an address and postcard stamp on the reverse to mail it if you'd like. It's also a great all-around travel watercolor book for quick sketches.

Made in the United States with paper imported from France.

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