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Artists' Gouache, 15 mL


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Holbein Artists' Gouache is the sketching medium of choice for artists and art schools all over the world. Because it is opaque, the process of making a gouache sketch is more direct than with watercolor. Layering is simple because the color underneath doesn't show through. Holbein gouache mixes extremely well, allowing you to make vibrant, clear colors in every hue. It dries to a luxurious matte finish that captures the eye and makes colors look more saturated.

Try using Holbein gouache to learn color mixing, to create abstract art, or to keep a sketch journal with quick, informal daily paintings. This is truly a paint for lovers of color and those who like their work to look bold and contemporary. You can achieve hard-edged shapes and solid color fields that would be impossible with watercolor. And as usual, Holbein has selected the available colors impeccably, with plenty of on-trend soft colors, the brightest brights, and a good selection of metallic colors.

Want us to make you a custom set of Holbein gouache? We can do that. We also carry larger tubes in black and white.

Holbein colors are made to the highest standards in Japan.