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Holbein Artists' Watercolors, 24 Color Set


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We've tried pretty much every brand of artist-grade watercolor out there, and Holbein is our uncontested favorite. The color selection is beautiful, with great options for both bright colors and natural shades of green and brown. Every color dilutes smoothly to create a wide range of saturations, from ultra dark to subtle and light. Holbein watercolors are satisfyingly transparent, without the chalkiness and opacity of cheaper paints. They're also excellent for mixing, making it easy for you to produce any color you want without muddiness.

This set of 12 best-selling colors is a great choice for the serious watercolorist. The paints are highly concentrated, so these little tubes go a long way. The colors included are crimson lake, vermilion hue, yellow ochre, permanent yellow light, permanent green #1, viridian hue, cobalt blue hue, Prussian blue, burnt sienna, burnt umber, ivory black, and Chinese white. Made in Japan.

We also carry Holbein watercolors in individual tubes and a 24 color set.

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