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Schmincke Horadam Watercolors, Luxury Wood Box Set

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Trusted by artists since 2015.

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About This Product

This briefcase-sized set of Horadam Watercolors features 48 colors in luxuriously large full pans, arranged in four metal clip trays and set into a rosewood box. Schmincke's popular 19-well porcelain palette has its own dedicated slot, and a large storage area at the bottom contains two gorgeous brushes.

For the brushes, Schmincke worked with fellow German manufacturer Da Vinci to include two of their finest watercolor instruments: a #8 and #12 Round from the Cosmotop Mix B series. "Mix B" is a blend of squirrel and sable that's engineered to balance control with absorption. The brush handles have a comfortable, tapered shape that won't roll off the table, and they're finished in glossy, mottled blue.

The included Schmincke Porcelain Palette has long been a customer favorite, with a glass-smooth surface and 19 wells in two useful shapes. Ten wells are large and slanted, with more room for water at the bottom, and nine wells are small and flat-bottomed, ideal for concentrated paint.

Schmincke Horadam watercolors are among the world's finest professional-grade colors. First patented in 1892 by Schmincke co-founder Josef Horadam and continuously improved over more than a century of effort, Horadam watercolors are vibrant, smooth, and easy to apply to any kind of watercolor paper. Only the best artist pigments are used; they're milled until the paint becomes creamy and utterly consistent, and each color shines in its pan when water is applied.

Here's the full list of colors in this set (including a dizzying range of premium pigments): metallic gold, metallic silver, titanium opaque white, lemon yellow, cadmium yellow light, transparent yellow, quinacridone gold hue, indian yellow, chromium yellow hue deep, chromium orange hue, transparent orange, cadmium red light, scarlet red, perylene maroon, perylene violet, madder red dark, permanent carmine, magenta, manganese violet, ultramarine violet, Delft blue, indigo, ultramarine finest, mountain blue, Prussian blue, phthalo blue, helio cerulean, helio turquoise, cobalt turquoise, Prussian green, phthalo green, may green, cobalt green dark, perylene green, permanent green olive, olive green yellowish, jaune brilliant dark, Naples yellow, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, English Venetian red, indian red, burnt umber, sepia brown, Payne's grey bluish, neutral tint, ivory black, and a pan of colorless Onetz oxgall wetting agent.

Made in Germany.