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Supra Fountain Pen, Stainless Steel


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Kaweco is known for making compact, understated, inexpensive fountain pens, like the iconic Kaweco Sport series. Kaweco Supra is pretty much the exact opposite of that: a big, premium pen with an extra-large nib, special features that may or may not be useful, and a design that will absolutely turn heads.

First, let's talk about Supra's solid metal body. Available only in premium metals (lead-free "eco brass" or stainless steel), each Supra is machined from a solid metal blank. The form factor is very similar to Liliput, the smallest Kaweco pen: it's capsule-shaped, with the ability to screw the cap to the back of the pen while writing. This is the stainless steel version, made for a lifetime of use.

How long is a Kaweco Supra? Well, that's kind of up to you. Fully assembled and in use, with the cap posted on the back, it's the biggest pen in Kaweco's lineup at about 6.5". Fully assembled and capped, it's 5.1". Now here's the wrinkle: you can actually remove the extension tube from Supra's barrel to reduce those lengths by 1.2". So a "short Supra," without the extension tube, is actually similar in length to a Liliput. (Of course, it's still much thicker and heavier!)

Supra is special in another important way—it comes with a much larger nib than other Kaweco pens. The Kaweco 250 nib (also known as a Bock #6) dwarfs the standard Kaweco 060 (Bock #5) nib, giving you a little extra distance from the page for more comfortable writing.

Unlike Liliput and Sport pens, the full-length Kaweco Supra can accept a long international converter, so you'll get more writing time with each fill. It can also accept the same Kaweco short cartridges as your other pens.

Supra is packaged in a Kaweco gift tin with an instruction pamphlet and a Kaweco sticker. One blue ink cartridge is included inside the body of the pen. All other accessories, including clips and converters, are sold separately.

Made in Germany.


When you choose St. Louis Art Supply for any fountain pen over $25, one of our expert technicians hand-checks and adjusts the nib, using high-powered magnification to ensure that the tines are perfectly aligned and there are no manufacturing defects. If necessary, we also use a superfine abrasive to remove any stray metal that can impact the smoothness of your nib. Finally, we clean the pen with our house pen cleaner and make sure that no fibers are stuck in the nib.

This intensive quality-control process offers you peace of mind that other retailers can't match. If you've ever bought a fountain pen from Amazon, you may have noticed that some reviews say it is smooth and others say it is scratchy. The reason is that they do not look at the pen before shipping it out. As a specialized shop with highly trained staff, we go the extra mile to provide a polished experience for every customer.

Look for our green "Tested OK" stamp on your packing slip. It's our way of letting you know that a real person checked your new pen and made sure it's perfect.

Kaweco - Germany, Since 1883

Kaweco has been making pens for more than a century, and they've had clever designers since the beginning. The original Kaweco Sport was one of the very first pocket pens in the world, and its distinctive octagonal design is known to pen lovers everywhere.

We've made Kaweco one of our essential pen brands because they offer both inexpensive, reliable pens for everyday use and luxurious, handmade pens for collectors and enthusiasts. From less than $20 to more than $200, Kaweco has an outstanding pen at every price point. And they're all made in Bavaria, Kaweco's ancestral home.

Shop our extensive collection of Kaweco pens and pencils, including the latest limited releases and hard-to-find premium models.



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Supra Fountain Pen, Stainless Steel

Supra Fountain Pen, Stainless Steel