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About This Product

For those who love soft colors and retro design, we've got an exciting limited edition watercolor set from Schmincke, the legendary German color house. These "Icy Colors" are opaque, pastel shades made with bright watercolor and opaque white pigment. We adore the range of soft colors in this box, which invite you to paint friendly, pale-colored things like green grass, Creamsicles, and cotton candy.

The "Icy Colors" name is definitely appropriate, and not only because you can make  frosty blues and purples with this set. Take a look at our swatches and you'll notice that there's an icy effect across the whole color range because of the unique formulation used to make these opaque watercolors. Thicker areas are glossier, more muted in color, and more opaque, while thinned Icy Colors can be more transparent and matte.

The Icy Colors set is a unique, almost gouache-like offering, unlike anything else in the Schmincke catalog. This unusual set of milky pastels is a temporary part of Schmincke's Akademie Aquarell line, an affordable and reliable series of watercolor paints for serious students.

Made in Germany.