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About This Product

We are the first American retailers to carry Schmincke's excellent student-grade watercolor, Akademie Aquarell, and we think this special travel box with 12 vibrant colors is a perfect introduction. Intended for college students and others who may not want to make the investment in a full set of Schmincke Horadam professional watercolors, Akademie will delight beginners and satisfy serious students with clean mixes, great pigment load, and smooth brush handling.

This special set is presented in a metal travel box with enameled mixing space, a finger loop for plein air painting, and a beautiful watercolor print on the lid. The 12 half pans selected for this set offer a complete assortment of basic shades for landscape, portrait, and abstract painting. We especially like how this set handles high-chroma mixing, with bright primaries that can reach any point on the color wheel.

The colors included are light lemon yellow, Indian yellow, cadmium red hue, carmine, ultramarine, Prussian blue, brilliant green, permanent green, yellow ochre, English red, sepia, and black. A swatch card made of watercolor paper is included, so you can paint your own reference sheet to visualize what the colors will look like on paper. There's space for 12 more half pans or 6 full pans in the long travel box; try supplementing your Akademie colors with special shades from the Horadam lineup.

Made in Germany. Available for a limited time only.


Trying to decide between Akademie and Horadam, the professional-grade line from Schmincke? The manufacturer would like you to know that there are several important differences between the two lines.

Color range
Akademie is available in 24 colors, selected to be versatile, bright, and reasonably priced. Horadam is available in an incredible 140 colors, including rare pigments, intense cadmium and cobalt colors, and advanced modern pigments like our favorites, the perylene colors.
Horadam has the maximum possible pigment load, while Akademie has less pigment per mL of gum arabic.
Production process
Horadam half pans are poured in four or five shallow layers, drying completely between layers, to ensure perfect consistency, a process that takes months. Akademie is produced with an industry-standard three pours per pan.
We think you will like both Akademie and Horadam, and in fact they are not mutually exclusive. Many beginners like to start with an Akademie set and replenish their tin with exciting new Horadam colors as the original colors run out.