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Amsterdam Acrylics, 120 mL

Royal Talens

Regular price $7.25 Our Price $5.99

Available in 90 colors, including traditional tones, bright modern pigments, and special colors like metallics, fluorescents, and pearl colors, Amsterdam is a line of student-grade acrylics that can do anything. It's made in the Netherlands, not outsourced to low-paying, less consistent production facilities like many other student-grade acrylics. You'll notice the difference right away.

In our tests, Amsterdam has better opacity, better mixing properties, and better consistency than its major competitors at this price point. It is not as thick as artist-grade paint, but it's very easy to use and free of the major faults common to inexpensive paint. We also like Royal Talens' color selection for this range; the choices and concentrations of pigments are pleasing throughout, including the vibrant primary colors and the expressive, organic earth tones.

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