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Artists' Gouache, 60 mL, black & white


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Holbein Artists' Gouache is the sketching medium of choice for artists and art schools all over the world. Because it is opaque, the process of making a gouache sketch is more direct than with watercolor. Layering is simple because the color underneath doesn't show through. Holbein gouache mixes extremely well, allowing you to make vibrant, clear colors in every hue. It dries to a luxurious matte finish that captures the eye and makes colors look more saturated.

These extra-large 60 mL tubes of black and white are incredibly useful tools even if you don't use other colors of gouache. Mix them to create gorgeous grayscale shades, layer them (waiting for each layer to dry) to create monochrome paintings, or use them for intense highlights and shadows with watercolors.

Holbein colors are made to the highest standards in Japan.

Artists' Gouache, 60 mL, black & white

Artists' Gouache, 60 mL, black & white