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Free Shipping Over $59

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This Art Deco fountain pen features gold-plated hardware and a striking, semi-translucent marbled acrylic body. With its cap on, the Marbled Fountain Pen is compact enough for any pocket. When you're ready to write, screw the cap onto the back of the pen to extend it to a comfortable writing length.

The gold-plated steel nib is a European fine (about 0.7 mm), with reliable ink flow and a nice balance between smoothness and tactile feedback on paper. As with all of our fountain pens over $25, this pen comes with our free alignment and smoothing service. We'll check the nib, align the tines, and lightly smooth it (if needed).

Packaged in a slim black gift box with instructions and one International Short ink cartridge. Compatible with any brand of International Short cartridges. Not compatible with converters (there isn't enough room in the pen barrel.)

Made in Taiwan.

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