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Blockx Watercolor Bijou Box, 8 Colors

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Trusted by artists since 2015.

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About This Product

Blockx (pronounced "blocks") is one of the finest traditional manufacturers of artist colors in the world. The Blockx legacy begins in 1865 with Jacques Blockx I, a Belgian chemist who developed his own formulas for permanent paints. His pioneering work was quickly noticed by prominent painters, who had largely been producing their own paints by hand and were eager to explore a broader, more consistent range of colors. Salvador Dalí wrote about Jacques Blockx I: "This man who never painted, will contribute more to the painters of tomorrow than what we will have accomplished, all the modern painters together."

Five generations of Blockx family chemists have continued in the tradition of the company's founder, producing only the highest quality paints using traditional stone mills, small batches, and low speeds. This labor-intensive process allows the individual qualities of each pigment to shine through, and you will notice that each Blockx watercolor is different in texture, flow, intensity, and finish.

Unlike other brands, Blockx colors are not individually rated for lightfastness, because every color is permanent and suitable for museum-quality work. These artisan-made paints will suit even the most demanding professional artist, and we are very excited to make them available to our customers in the United States.

This eight-color set is a perfect way to start with Blockx watercolor. The color selection includes the six-color mixing combination we always recommend to our customers: a split-primary system featuring a warm and cool pair of each primary color. In addition, two lovely earth tones are included for convenience. You can expand the initial set of eight by adding four more half pans to the empty row in the center of the box.

The box itself is a compact metal travel case, in a style that's more common in Europe than here in the United States. It's called a "bijou box," French for jewel box, because of its distinctive faceted shape. This one is nice and sturdy, thickly enameled, with a smooth hinge and secure lid. There's a finger loop on the back of the tin so you can easily paint without a table.

Measuring just 80 x 65 mm (3.1" x 2.6"), the diminutive Blockx Bijou Box still holds standard size half pans, and the system of metal rails and clips holds them much more securely than a standard watercolor box with flexible metal tabs. Simply pull up on the clip to release the pans and replace it to secure them again.

The colors included are Blockx Yellow, Indian Yellow, Pyrrole Red, Quinacridone Magenta, Ultramarine Deep, Primary Blue, Transparent Mars Yellow, and Burnt Umber.

Made in Belgium.

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