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Red Tip Bamboo Brush


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About This Product

This traditional bamboo brush from Boku-Undo is made with natural bamboo and a horsehair/wool blend. It's shaped and bound by hand into a beautiful red tip with a wide belly and a 7/8" length. The brush handle is inscribed in Japanese and finished with a black endcap with hanging loop.

Use this brush for watercolor painting, Sumi-E painting, brush calligraphy, and ink drawing. It has a springy feel and a fine tip, so it can make a wide variety of marks.

To care for your bamboo brush, please rinse it gently in a glass of water, then wipe it off on a soft cloth or paper towel. Shape it with your fingers into its original form, then hang it from the endcap to dry.

Measures 8" long from tip to loop. Made in Japan.