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About This Product

This beautiful six-color set from Boku-Undo combines traditional Japanese sumi ink with colored dyes to create deep, moody paints that blend and layer like watercolors. The large watercolor pans look black when dry, but wet these colors with a brush and they turn into six different dark colors with muted hues. Each color is capable of creating a deep, opaque shadow color when used straight and a series of subtle transparent colors when diluted with water.

Try mixing these colors together to paint stormy skies, urban scenes, and rocky coastlines. They can create a surprisingly wide range of colors, even though they all start out so dark!

The colors included are E03 Reddish Black, E04 Yellowish Black, E05 Greenish Black, E06 Bluish Black, E07 Purplish Black, and E08 Brownish Black. Six more sumi watercolors in brighter colors are available from Boku-Undo in their Shadow Colors set. The two sets work great together for a wide range of tones, from intense to muted.

Made in Japan.

P.S.: Try using this set with one of our travel brushes! (The one in the photos is a Princeton Neptune travel brush.)