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This unusual little brush might just be your perfect all-around tool for watercolor painting. The Casaneo XS line features mini handles for total portability; the total length of this brush is just under six inches. Despite its small size, the actual brush tip is quite large and voluminous. That's why Da Vinci calls this pointed shape a "sword," rather than the traditional "dagger," which tends to be narrower and thinner. The Casaneo XS Sword has an ultra-fine tip, but you can also make super broad strokes because of its width and fiber count.

The fibers used in this brush are Da Vinci's advanced synthetic, Casaneo, an excellent replacement for traditional squirrel hair brushes. It's more consistent, more durable, and completely cruelty-free. Casaneo fibers are wavy, like natural hair, so they match the absorbency and flow of squirrel without any of the disadvantages.

Made in Germany.

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