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This specially priced starter set of oil colors is made by Schmincke, one of the world's leading color manufacturers since 1881. We're excited to offer this box of ten 35 mL tubes of their student-grade College Oil Colors line for under $40, so you can try painting with quality materials without making a big investment.

College Oil Colors are smooth and brushable out of the tube, making them easier to mix and apply than stiffer colors. They are made with the same techniques and artist-grade ingredients as Schmincke's other paints, but a selection of less expensive pigments is used for the College line to keep the price low.

These vibrant colors are a pleasure to mix, producing clean, high-chroma colors from all over the color wheel, as you can see in our photos. The color choices in this box provide you with the option to paint any subject and style, from representational work to abstraction. All are lightfast and relatively fast-drying.

Includes ten 35 mL tubes (Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, Indian Yellow, Carmine, Ultramarine Blue, Prussian Blue, May Green, Burnt Sienna, Lamp Black, and Metallic Gold) in a cardboard storage box with lid.

Made in Germany.