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Curidas retractable fountain pen, Gran Red

Platinum Pen

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This exciting new pen from Platinum Japan has a retractable nib that disappears into the body of the pen when not in use. Like the Platinum Procyon, one of our very favorite fountain pens, Curidas comes equipped with smooth, precise nibs that are easy to use and maintain. The writing experience with Platinum's steel nibs is top-notch, making Curidas an outstanding value compared to other retractable pens that cost twice as much.

Curidas comes in five modern, translucent body colors. The internal mechanism of all five colors is made of metal. A rubber membrane keeps the ink wet while your pen is retracted, and a removable clip holds the pen in your pocket or bag. Refill Curidas with Platinum cartridges or use the included converter to fill with any bottled fountain pen ink.

Please note: we are currently waiting on more Curidas in Gran Red to come from Japan. You can order now and we'll ship it as soon as they arrive stateside.

See all five colors of Platinum Curidas.