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Albrecht Dürer watercolor pencil sets


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Faber-Castell's Albrecht Dürer watercolor pencils are highly pigmented, so they act like real watercolor when used with a wet brush. In contrast with cheaper watercolor pencils, you can move the color around without leaving the original lines behind. Dürer pencils aren't waxy, either—they move smoothly across a wet or dry page. We definitely recommend these sets over larger tins of less expensive pencils, because you can easily blend colors that aren't in the box.

The 12 color set includes White, Cadmium Yellow, Dark Cadmium Orange, Deep Scarlet Red, Magenta, Light Ultramarine, Phthalo Blue, Emerald Green, Light Green, Burnt Ochre, Walnut Brown, and Black.

The 24 color set includes White, Light Yellow Glaze, Cadmium Yellow, Dark Chrome Yellow, Dark Cadmium Orange, Pale Geranium Lake, Deep Scarlet Red, Dark Red, Magenta, Helio Blue Reddish, Ultramarine, Light Ultramarine, Phthalo Blue, Dark Phthalo Green, Emerald Green, Light Green, Earth Green Yellowish, Venetian Red, Burnt Ochre, Raw Umber, Walnut Brown, Warm Grey V, Warm Grey II, and Black.

Made in Germany.