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PITT Graphite Set, 11 pieces


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Here's a more interesting alternative to the standard set of six or twelve drawing pencils that most people buy. The Faber-Castell PITT Graphite set does include two soft Castell 9000 pencils, but it also includes lots of other ways of using graphite. Two Castell 9000 Jumbo pencils in soft grades allow for big, bold sketching. A giant PITT Graphite Crayon allows you to fill in and shade the largest areas. Two Graphite Aquarelle pencils and a  brush allow you to explore the possibilities of water-soluble graphite, which can be blended with water to create gradients and shadows. Two PITT Graphite Pure woodless pencils are included for strokes unlimited by the size of the typical pencil core. And an eraser is tucked into the corner, just in case.

This set is a great place to start drawing or sketching, and because it isn't just the basic pencils, it's also a great gift for an artist who already has many supplies. There's bound to be something in here that they'll love.

Made in Germany.

PITT Graphite Set, 11 pieces

PITT Graphite Set, 11 pieces