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PITT Graphite Set, 26 pieces


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The 26 piece PITT Graphite Set is the ultimate assortment of artist graphite and accessories. It's equally great for the practiced artist who wants access to every kind of shading and blending option and for the beginner who wants to explore different ways of drawing to find what works best.

Included are (let us take a breath first...): three soft, water-soluble Graphite Aquarelle pencils, a synthetic brush for blending, seven Castell 9000 professional-grade drawing pencils, three Castell 9000 Jumbo sketching pencils, three PITT Graphite Pure woodless pencils, three gigantic PITT Graphite crayons, a kneaded eraser, a plastic eraser, a two-hole sharpener, a blending stump, an eraser pencil, and a sandpaper block for sharpening the largest pencils and crayons.

Made in Germany and packaged in Faber-Castell's trademark green tin.