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Handmade in Italy and presented in distinguished cherry travel cases, Tintoretto Watercolor Travel Brush Sets are a fine example of craftsmanship, tradition, and attention to detail. Each case is made from solid cherry, polished to a durable semi-gloss finish, and fitted with a magnetic closure. The channels inside are perfectly sized for Tintoretto travel brushes, and four holders are also provided to hold wet brushes vertically.

This set contains four luxurious quill brushes in natural blue squirrel hair, the gold standard for absorbency and softness. Hand-shaped by skilled brushmakers in Tuscany, these quills feature a traditional thread-bound tip with plastic ferrule. Formerly made from bird quills (hence the name), these loosely bound brushes allow more color to be absorbed into the fiber, so you can paint longer, more saturated strokes.

The other defining feature of quill brushes is their sharply tapered tip, which narrows from the brush's wide belly to a single, delicately shaped point. This classic shape allows for a wide array of different marks and techniques, from fine calligraphic strokes to big, bold washes, all without switching shapes.

You'll find that Tintoretto brushes offer greater control and more predictable performance than mass-produced brushes. This is due to the thoughtful and precise execution of the brush's shape, which can't be duplicated by less labor-intensive techniques.

Each brush is built with a satin gold-finish metal handle that doubles as a cap, so the brush is kept in perfect shape when not in use. The sizes included in this set are #2 Quill, #4 Quill, #6 Quill, and #8 Quill.