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Fountain Pen Power User Kit


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About This Product

These are the basic items we use to clean fountain pens, change ink colors, and fix clogged nibs. We've honed this maintenance kit over the past couple of years, and these are the tools that have proven themselves essential. If you have several pens, change colors frequently, or want to experiment with refilling cartridges, the Fountain Pen Power User Kit is for you.

This kit includes:

Miyamoto Co. | Bleached Cotton Cloth: Lovely white Japanese cotton with a fine weave and excellent absorbency. We fold one of these neatly underneath our cleaning kit to soak up ink and pen cleaner. Spread it out and hang dry, then re-fold to reveal clean areas.

St. Louis Art Supply | Universal Pen Cleaner, 4 oz: Made here in St. Louis, Universal Pen Cleaner is a quick, effective, and gentle cleaner for all kinds of ink—even dry ink.

Blunt-Tip Ink Syringes (x2): For flushing pens with Universal Pen Cleaner; transferring inks between bottles, cartridges, and converters; and removing wash liquid from pen feeds.

.002" Brass Shims (x2): Use the corner of these thin, sharp brass shims to safely dislodge gunk from pen nibs. Use caution, as these can dig into plastic pen feeds and change their shape. (Some people use them that way on purpose, to increase flow in dry writers.)

Kokuyo | Glass Reservoir and Sponge: This small, hexagonal glass reservoir with natural sponge is a perfect place to catch pen flush on its way out of nibs and converters. When used occasionally, the pen flush usually evaporates on its own, leaving a colorfully stained sponge. We recommend that you moisten and wring out the sponge before use, as this will improve its absorbency.

Cloth and glass reservoir made in Japan. Brass shims, ink syringes, and pen cleaner made in the United States.

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