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Jack Richeson & Co.

Grey Matters Oil & Acrylic Travel Brushes

About This Product

Grey Matters oil and acrylic travel brushes are a practical, affordable choice for plein air painting and small-scale studios. With neutral grey ferrules and handles, Grey Matters brushes don't get in the way of your color vision or reflect as much light as traditional metal travel brushes. They're solidly constructed and super portable, with metal caps that protect bristles in transit and turn into full-sized handles when you're ready to start painting.

These metal travel brushes come with stiff, natural bristles, suitable for painting with oil or acrylic. Travel brushes normally come with watercolor tips, so the Grey Matters bristle travel brushes are an unusual and welcome addition to our brush options. As with any natural bristle brush, you'll have the ability to build texture and paint in bold, organic strokes that help to simulate natural textures in your subject.

The shape options (from bottom to top in the photos) are Bright #1, Bright #2, Bright #4, Flat #1, Flat #2, Flat #4, Round #1, Round #4, Round #6, Filbert #1, Filbert #2, and Filbert #4.  Please choose the sizes you'd like from the drop-down menu and add each one to your cart individually. Or, you can choose to purchase the full set of 12 brushes, the set of all three round sizes, all three bright sizes, all three flat sizes, or all three filberts for special bundle prices. Whew! Is that enough options for you?

Made in India.

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