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Holbein Acrylic Gesso stands out from all the identical primer options for oil and acrylic painting. First, you'll notice its packaging, which we think is an ingenious choice for gesso. Rather than the normal jar, Holbein gesso is packed in a squeezable pouch, with a nozzle that allows you to apply gesso directly to your brush or canvas.

The ultra-pigmented titanium white gesso inside is perhaps even more special. With more covering power and more distinct texture options than other gesso, Holbein makes it easy to prepare a surface for vivid, high-chroma painting.

This is the Extra Coarse (LL) gesso, with minerals that create a strong texture, especially useful for natural subjects. As with all gesso, we recommend applying three coats, first with brushstrokes spanning the length of the canvas, then its width, then its length again. Allow the gesso to dry completely between each layer. This technique will yield the most even, durable surface with minimal brushstrokes.

Also available in smooth texture. Made in Japan.

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