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Albireo Mixed Media Sketchbook


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About This Product

Hard to find in the United States, Holbein's elegant Albireo sketchbooks are a versatile option for watercolor and mixed media artists. The medium-weight (218 gsm) paper features a classic cold press surface that makes watercolor strokes look complex and interesting, as you can see in our photos.

Unlike many watercolor papers, though, Albireo also handles pens, pencils, and pastels with aplomb. The surface is slicker than cotton-based watercolor paper, which means color moves around faster and ink lines are sharper. The paper is heavily sized, so despite its lighter weight, Albireo doesn't bleed, and it can handle almost any medium.

We've tried Albireo with everything from acrylic gouache to fountain pen, and although it isn't as good as single-purpose specialty paper in most categories, it's amazing for artists who like to use everything in their kit on the same paper.

Each Albireo sketchbook includes 20 glue-bound, removable sheets. The paper block is attached to the cover only on one side with bookbinding tape, so the cover doesn't prevent the paper from lying completely flat. Flip the front cover around the back and you'll have an excellent platform for travel sketching without a table. When you're on the move again, tie the blue cloth ribbon to hold your work safely inside.

Available in two sizes. Made in Japan.

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